The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is the center for hundreds and thousands of design and fashion aspirants. They spend unlimited hours to get ready for their study projects of this celebrated foundation with the assistance of CTM’s guidance. The difficult work of the students doesn’t end there. The students additionally invest a great amount of energy and time in making several designs with various materials for their semester projects &expand their creative side.

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is 16 open establishments showing different courses of design structuring in India. These are likewise called different grounds of NIFT as there is just a single national test for all. Every year a national-level selection test is directed for admission to NIFT courses by NIFT Delhi.

CTM Textile Mills is one of the best textile manufacturers and fabric exporter of various types of products from Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India. We are equipped with modern and cutting-edge Printing, Dyeing and Processing & Garmenting facilities. The CTM group consists of three different divisions. We have started retail of bed linen in India under the name of CTM Homestyle and Home Furnishings. In India, we have established a strong position as one of the leading integrated textile processing houses. We also have a strong brand presence in the international markets as well through our sister concern Madhu Industries Pvt. Ltd. We are currently exporting textiles & garments to various international Brands and wholesalers in Europe, USA, Canada, & African countries.

Over the most recent few years, we are offering internships to NIFT students from all over India. However, presently working as a team head at CTM, We have a very different point of view. Our organization’s core principles and workplace environment are friendly. It’s a kind of ideal work culture that gives you an opportunity to learn while working.

Many design aspirants choose CTM Textiles over another organization because of the flexible work environment and company’s 5-decade old reputation as a textile manufacturer. CTM provides a great deal of exposure to its students so that they can work with the leaders in the fashion industry and also launch their own labels. The time you spend at of CTM during the internship is worthy for the aspirants who manage to do here once.

Another part of CTM that I think might be somewhat unique in relation to other similar organizations is the hard-working attitude and mentalities of our employees. Everybody goes well beyond what they need to do regardless of whether it implies working somewhat late or getting to work an hour early.

Since everybody makes the most of their daily activities and it is an incredible organization to work with. All the employees of CTM and the management that handle this organization are altogether amazing people to work with.

Our main motto for interns is to give them enough space to expand their creativity, effectiveness of leadership and confidence. Plus, the inner desire and the ability to move forward with changes much makes your learning process much quicker.